Benefits of a Recent Travel Opp to Dallas, Texas

Travel is one of the most exciting Chicago Solutions perks we offer. One month might include exploring a new market for potential expansion, while another takes us to a tropical resort for a bit of respite from our busy schedules. No matter the destination, we value the positive impact travel has on our worldview, including the way we see ourselves.

Of course, many of our trips help us get ahead in our professional pursuits as well. One of our most recent took us to Dallas, Texas in the beginning of February for a national leadership conference. We listened to keynote speakers, shared best practices with other rising stars in our industry, and even managed to work in some fun.

Quentin, Xavier, and Jasmine represented Chicago Solutions in Dallas, along with our company President, Matt. The team met with some of the most successful people in dynamic advertising and sales, discussed the latest and most effective techniques being used in the field, and exchanged contact info for the future. It was an eye-opening event for those who attended because they got to see firsthand what’s possible for those who embrace our methods and mission.

When they returned home from Dallas, Jasmine, Quentin, Xavier, and Matt raised the bar in terms of leadership and what it means to work hard. See content from that weekend by liking Chicago Solutions on Facebook.

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