Celebrating the Holidays All Month Long

We enjoy a good party any time of the year. To extend the end-of-year festivities, we’ve decided to hand out raffle tickets for the month of December, with winners being chosen at our Chicago Solutions holiday event! Team members will receive tickets for being on time, hitting goals, and putting in extra effort. This will all conclude at our holiday gala at which a lucky winner will win a prize.

Keeping things merry is more than just a nice idea; it’s also part of our team-building strategy. When people equate their time at Chicago Solutions HQ with fun (which includes hitting personal and company objectives, of course), our people are more motivated and inspired. Our office atmosphere is alive with anticipation of what exciting event or achievement will occur next, and this positive energy is the fuel that drives our company’s growth.

This is more than just a way to create profit though; it’s another way we express our commitment to helping one another succeed. We’re proud of the work we do and the potential for growth that our industry provides. By creating an environment that empowers and celebrates accomplishments, we are giving sales and marketing managers license to reach whatever height of success they’re willing to work toward.

Our holiday party is sure to be a blast! See who wins our end-of-year raffle by liking Chicago Solutions on Facebook.

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