Create a Coaching Culture That Builds Thriving Teams

Businesses recognize Chicago Solutions for our innovative outreach strategies that connect them with new customers. We like to think that our professional development approach is the real driver. Our strategy pairs our managers as coaches with our new representatives. Here are a few ways to make this method work:


  • Let Learners Take the Wheel: In our Chicago Solutions training model, we encourage hands-on experiences that allow our representatives to practice what they learn. As managers, we can ask them questions as they go to help guide them. These questions are framed both to help us understand a person’s learning needs and to help him or her take ownership of training goals.


  • Set the Right Example: For leaders to be effective in teaching their teams, they must walk the walk. This means they need to model the behaviors, skills, and attitudes that they want their people to emulate. People on the ground floor are more likely to mimic what they see their superiors do, because they want to move up the ladder. Therefore, as managers, the key is to put our best foot forward.


  • Keep the Door Open: Effective coaching cultures are predicated upon leadership availability. In the Chicago Solutions office, our managers are there to help guide our people as they grow in their careers.


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