February Is the Month to Make a Perfect (Career) Match

February is the month for finding perfect matches. While most people think of this in romantic terms, Team Chicago Solutions is all about helping people find their perfect career match. We have a sense of satisfaction here, because we’re doing something with great perks as well.

For instance, the Chicago Solutions training program ensures full knowledge transfer for new team members and continual learning for experienced associates. Through mentorship, workshops, and seminars, our people find the info and skills needed to succeed in our industry.

We also have an awesome community culture, where teamwork is both encouraged and rewarded. Values like recognition, innovation, and integrity are the pillars of our workplace. We also have frequent team nights as well. These gatherings get us out of the office together so we can connect outside of our roles and build true friendships.

Our most exciting benefit is probably our travel program though. We take trips throughout the year for learning, networking, fun, or even all three. No matter the purpose or destination, we always have a great time seeing the world with our colleagues while expanding our horizons and becoming more well-rounded people.

We’re a perfect match for those who appreciate a fun, exciting career in a growth industry. Check out our Chicago Solutions Newswire feed to learn more about the opportunities available with our team.

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