Heading to Dallas for Next-Level Leadership Training

Chicago Solutions’ travel program takes us to a variety of places throughout the year. Whether we’re exploring a new market for expansion, cross-training at another office, or resting at a tropical resort, we always grow personally and professionally while supporting our company mission and goals.

Our next Chicago Solutions trip will take us to Dallas, Texas for a weekend conference. Industry leaders from across the country will be there to share success stories and discuss all the topics required for someone to excel in our field: networking, leadership, how to build a dynamic team, managing time, and even business ownership. The journey couldn’t come at a better time either, since the average temp in Texas is about 35 degrees warmer than it is here in Chicago!

When it comes to cross-country jaunts like this, we always pick our top producers to represent our firm. However, we make sure that everyone on our team has the chance to travel, because of the many benefits it provides. For example, leaving home is a great way to build resilience. Whenever we step out of our comfort zones, we enhance our skill at dealing with the unexpected. Any kind of trip gets us thinking outside the box of our normal routine, even when it goes 100 percent according to plan.

For this reason and many, many more, travel is important to us. See live content from our Dallas trip by liking Chicago Solutions on Facebook.

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