Here’s Why We Celebrated Small Business Month

The month of May was Small Business Month, and Team Chicago Solutions used that time to reflect on what we enjoy about working for a smaller company. For example, we appreciate that it’s easier for us to get recognized for our efforts, because we’re well known by both our colleagues and managers. In fact, because there are fewer people who make up our organization, we actually work alongside our team leaders, not just for them, meaning that our hard work is always noticed.

Another advantage is that we get to learn every aspect of our operation. We collaborate with different departments and see how each group contributes to the whole. This helps us diversify our skill sets and become well-rounded professionals quickly while identifying strengths and talents we may not have even known we had. We also gain a big-picture view of the way our company works, which prepares us to move into management positions.

Because we work in such close proximity to one another, we’re able to develop much closer relationships with our coworkers too. Also, because of our Chicago Solutions team nights and our travel program, we build on our office bonds and build lasting friendships with one another. Our office often feels more like a family gathering than a workspace.

These are just a few of the reasons we like working for a small company. Check out our Chicago Solutions Newswire feed for more.

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