Honoring Mital for Administrator Appreciation Day

In honor of Administrator Appreciation Day, Team Chicago Solutions would like to give a big shout-out to our amazing admin, Mital. She is a true inspiration within our company as she proves that hard work and dedication can truly make a difference. Mital is always one of the first people in the office, and one of the last out as well. Her drive for success is truly admirable and it’s hard for us to imagine what we would do without her here.

There are many other traits that Mital displays that make her an asset to our team. For example, she always treats everyone around her with respect, and knows how to set clear goals and expectations. She’s an expert communicator and uses this to inspire and motivate everyone in the Chicago Solutions office.

Mital is also very generous. This may not sound like a success trait but consider the benefits of a giving personality. She’s liberal with her praise, charitable when giving feedback, and gladly shares credit with her peers. Another way she shows generosity is by actively listening.

We are glad to honor Mital for her positive influence on our firm – she is one of the shining stars that makes our company a great place to build a career. See pictures from our Admin Appreciation Day celebration by liking Chicago Solutions on Facebook.

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