How to Get a Promotion

One of the neat things about working for Chicago Solutions is we know there’s a career path we can follow. From day one, our new hires start down their paths, guided by a coach who works alongside them to ensure they learn the ropes and feel comfortable. Our training is paid, because we value our team members and believe in investing in top-notch talent.

While we provide the resources and support needed to excel, it’s up to each person to show he or she has what it takes to become a manager. “Our program works best when people add their ambition to the mix,” said Matt, Chicago Solutions’ Director of Operations. “Attitude is everything. We can teach the skills, but the individual has to want to work for success.”

How can team members signal they’re ready for the next level? “Hitting their goals is the first indicator,” said Matt. “We set realistic, yet challenging objectives for our people. When they clear them, we raise the bar higher. We provide incentives for them within our Chicago Solutions policy, such as travel and advancement.”

Going above and beyond matters. “Individuals who want promotions are likely to volunteer for work outside of the scope of their current roles,” explained Matt. “This shows to higher-ups they are ready for growth. Management is always promoted from within so those who show that they are willing to work are always advanced based on merit.”

As our team members advance, doors open for new individuals to join our firm. Check out our Newswire for updates on promotions and hiring.

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