Keys to Building a Strong Network

When people ask what sets Chicago Solutions apart from other agencies, the answer is simple. We focus on professional development that provides our people with the tools needed to thrive in any business setting. One of those keys to a lasting career is not only what we know, but who we know.

“A big part of successful career growth begins with a great network,” said Matt, Chicago Solutions’ Director of Operations. “Our people participate in activities at which they meet some of the most influential business leaders. From conferences and industry events to local functions, our team members gain the confidence and skills they need to establish prosperous careers.” Here are some ways anyone can build a solid network:

• Know Where to Find Connections: In addition to events, we also volunteer within the community, which introduces us to people who share our values and passion for causes.

• Connections Bring More Connections: Just like marketing word-of-mouth, the individuals we meet can be conduits to others with whom we can form lasting bonds. In turn, we can do the same favor for our contacts.

• Go International: In today’s world, it’s easy to connect with people from around the globe. We should take advantage of all platforms to build and maintain relationships both locally and globally.

We believe in building strong networks that will serve us well in the future. Follow Chicago Solutions on Twitter for more tips on this topic.

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