Meet Brittany, One of Our Company’s Rising Stars

Recognition is one of the hallmarks of our Chicago Solutions office. We celebrate one another’s wins, both personal and professional, and openly show our thanks to those who support our company’s mission and help their team members succeed. In this way, we encourage those who are already embracing our culture of camaraderie while providing models of success for our novice team members.

This month, we wanted to shine our Chicago Solutions spotlight on Brittany, one of our marketing managers, for stepping up her game. She’s been with the company for about three months, but Paul, our company President, has really noticed her going above and beyond in her position in the past few weeks. She has a strong work ethic and a passion for learning, which has really helped her stand out in a team full of high achievers.

Success leaves clues, as the saying goes, and one of the reasons that Brittany has been able to achieve so much in such a short time is because she has goals. She is not interested in resting on her laurels, but continually works toward targets in such areas as personal growth, productivity, and education. Clear objectives give her motivation while also providing metrics that help her measure her progress.

Congratulations to Brittany for showing us what it looks like to exceed expectations. Keep up the good work! Learn more about our ambitious team members by liking Chicago Solutions on Facebook.

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