Our Company Maximizes Training Through Mentorship

At Chicago Solutions, we believe that mentorship is a great tool to help our people achieve their potential. This is why we offer one-to-one coaching through our training process, and leaders who are there to support new sales and marketing managers whenever they need it.

Our Chicago Solutions training program is centered on getting our incoming people up to speed on our methods. We bypass videos and manuals in favor of hands-on learning techniques. Our new people take part in every aspect of our event-based outreach process by connecting with team leaders, engaging in market research, and becoming part of the magic that brings these promotions to life.

Coaching is what ties all these learning methods together. Our novice team members always know who to turn to when they have a question or need to bounce an idea off someone. For those who are verbal learners and need to talk through information out loud to retain it, mentors provide an eager audience to help new hires process and retain knowledge. Perhaps most importantly, mentors are reliable sources of encouragement that people can always count on at every stage of their career journeys.

Mentorship is the leavening agent in our learning program: it’s what helps our team members rise to greatness. Find out more about our commitment to training and development by following Chicago Solutions on Twitter.

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