Our Latest Business Trip: the Port City of Punta Cana

Travel plays an important role in the Chicago Solutions office. We send our team members on cross-training trips to high-performing offices for training, and reward top producers with luxury vacations. Our most recent trip was actually a bit of both; qualifying brand ambassadors flew to the Dominican Republic on November 15 for a rest and relaxation retreat.

The people chosen to attend worked exceptionally hard for the last 12 months to earn an invitation, showing steady improvement in both results and leadership skills. It was an absolutely amazing trip by all accounts, and the team members who went are now relaxed, recharged, and ready to finish out 2018 strong.

The Chicago Solutions travel program is an amazing perk that pays big dividends for our people and our firm. Getting away from our normal daily routines gives us a chance to decompress, which helps us see the world in general and our careers in particular with fresh insight. After a trip, we always bring greater levels of motivation and enthusiasm to our work.

When we travel together, we also get to make deeper connections with our colleagues. Time spent on the road or in the air is a chance to make memories and friendships that can last a lifetime and have a positive impact on our office culture.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the R&R retreat this year. To see where our team travels to next, follow Chicago Solutions on Twitter.

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