PRESS RELEASE: R&R for Chicago Solutions in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

LOMBARD, IL – High achievers from Chicago Solutions were recently invited to attend a weekend-long rest and relaxation retreat in the Dominican Republic. Matt, the firm’s Director of Operations, discussed the trip and travel in general.

One of the best perks that comes from being part of the Chicago Solutions team is the travel, according to Matt. The upcoming rest and relaxation retreat in Punta Cana, a port city in the Dominican Republic, is a perfect example. It’s an invitation-only function for industry leaders from around the world, and those who earned their way into this all-expenses-paid affair worked exceptionally hard for an entire year.

The focus of the event will be on recharging after putting in such a large amount of sustained effort, but there will also be chances to learn from experts in a variety of topics related to dynamic marketing. These keynote speakers will provide innovative strategies that won’t be found anywhere else, and are sure to have a positive impact on the Chicago Solutions team members that hear them.

There will also be ample time to network, something that Matt prepares his people for through the firm’s comprehensive training system. Successful networking techniques and strategies are taught just for opportunities like the Punta Cana trip, where associates will get to connect with the best of the best. These connections are certain to lead to business opportunities and greater knowledge of the industry in the future.

Of course, the most impactful part of the weekend might be the awards ceremony, where business leaders will be recognized for hitting their goals over the past year. This is always inspiring because attendees get to hear what it took for the award winners to achieve their objectives, and to also see the heights of success a person can reach in sales and marketing.

Chicago Solutions’ Director Points Out the Benefits of Business Travel as a Team

There are many benefits that come from the Chicago Solutions travel program, according to Matt. As an example, he points to the company’s culture, which is very team oriented. Trips help maintain this sense of camaraderie, as it allows team members to get to know one another away from the rigors of the daily schedule.

Retreats also raise company morale because they provide evidence that Matt is invested in supporting his people’s success, including development through travel. Not only that, but because trips like Punta Cana are merit-based, everyone is excited for their chance to go as well.

The Punta Cana trip is sure to live up to expectations, and Matt expects tremendous growth to result from the knowledge and contacts gained there.

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