Sailing Away on a Networking Bonanza

Networking is one of the skills we stress in our Chicago Solutions training program. However, we go further than just teaching the basics on how to connect effectively with others. We like to reward our top performers with opportunities to test their abilities on trips. One such chance is the upcoming boat cruise in Newport Beach, California.

“Two to four of our most successful people will be joining me as we head to the West Coast,” said Matt, Chicago Solutions’ Director of Operations. “There will be reps from about 40 offices on board, so it’s a great chance for our promotional specialists to meet and greet with industry leaders from across the country.”

One of our core beliefs at Chicago Solutions is that networking is a gateway to a sustainable career. “A strong professional network is key to advancing in any business setting,” Matt explained. “We encourage our people to add quality connections and continue to nurture those relationships as they grow.”

“Since we want to help our people develop professionally and personally in any way we can, we make sure they have ample access to events like this cruise, at which they will encounter any number of influential business leaders,” Matt explained. “As they become more comfortable in exchanges and start to create contacts of their own, these team members gain the confidence and skills they need to establish prosperous careers.”

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