Travel Is Part of Our Training and Development Approach

Opportunities to develop as people and professionals through travel is one of the hallmarks of the Chicago Solutions experience. In fact, we have a very special trip coming up soon: a rest and relaxation retreat in November. This is the perfect chance for us to catch some R&R after a long season of hard work, while also networking and enjoying the sights of our destination.

Our upcoming R&R trip is just one of several travel events we offer our team members to see the world throughout the year. One month might find us at an international leadership conference, while another we could be cross-training at another office. What all these trips have in common is that they provide chances for us to learn and grow while we get to know our Chicago Solutions colleagues better.

Another common benefit of all our journeys is that they provide time for us to reflect on our careers. Spending a weekend away from our normal routines lets us look at both our futures and our pasts with a fresh perspective, identify ways to improve on what we’ve done, and anticipate where our career paths will take us next.

Our travel program is one of our sharpest competitive edges, helping us attract and retain top talent while also providing hands-on training and development. See how the R&R trip goes by following Chicago Solutions on Twitter..

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